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Preparing for Disaster

Funds will be directed as emergency food relief through local chapters in meeting the gf food distribution needs of the effected members in their area. One suggestion by a member in the affected area would be to provide direct relief through a year's membership extension - she was feeling the cost burden of replacing gf perishables.

Natural disasters and medical emergencies are sometimes an unfortunate occurrence in the life of a celiac. Preparing for a disaster can help reduce stress and maintain health.  

As “Celiacs Helping Celiacs”, CSA will work with CSA Chapters in the region where and when disaster strikes.

As an initial step, the CSA website page, Preparing for Disaster, is available for: 

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Chapters adopting the Emergency Preparedness Program develop an ongoing relationship with a  restaurant or hotel that is able to help receive and distribute food in times of need. Food donations to the Red Cross and Food Banks in time of disaster are distributed to the next person in line rather than those on special diets. Pierce's Pantry is a CSA Chapter devoted to emergency food relief all year long. Is your chapter cooperating in these programs?

For information or to offer food donations - [email protected]

Preparing for Disaster - supplied by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Learn more about Pierce's Pantry - here

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