Celiac Support Association

CSA Mission Statement

"CSA is a mentoring educational and support association for people with gluten related challenges and interests.  We choose to make a difference in this world.  How can CSA make your day better?"  Bruce Homstead, CSA President  


2014 by-laws of the Celiac Support Association a 501 (c)(3) 

  • Change to Celiac Support Association effective January 1, 2014, formerly Celiac Sprue Association

Section 1. Purpose. CSA/USA, Inc., an educational and service organization for (a) individuals with celiac disease and related conditions and (b) parents of children with those conditions, serves the following objectives:

  1. To provide and actively disseminate educational materials on celiac disease and gluten related disorders to individuals with such condition, their families, health care professionals and other interested persons.
  2. To serve as a vehicle for providing mutual support opportunities to individuals with celiac disease and related conditions, and parents of children with those conditions by, among other things, encouraging, establishing and supporting volunteer units for such individuals throughout the country.
  3. To keep abreast of and publicize current research on gluten related disorders.
  4. To provide information about the clinical diet recommendations for celiac disease and gluten related disorders.
  5. To work with both industry and government to improve labeling practices for ingredients which affect individuals with celiac disease and gluten related disorders.
  6. To exchange information and sponsor programs with other public and private organizations relative to celiac disease and gluten related disorders.
  7. To solicit funds through memberships, private and corporate donations, foundation and estate contributions for the purpose of supporting the above-referenced programs and activities.  Revised and Restated Bylaws of the Celiac Sprue Association 2013  (Celiac Support Association.)

CSA Recognition Seal established in 2004 as a gluten-free certification program of the Celiac Support Association begun in 2004 by and for those with a medically required gluten-free prescription.  


CSA Recognition Seal products are tested using the most sensitive ELISA and other relevant validated tests available in the United States. ELISA testing must show a product is at less than 5 ppm -- additional verification testing may be required depending upon the type of food. Companies must submit the analysis of ingredients and manufacturing procedures (HACCP) to assure the products meet the requirements for the CSA Recognition Seal.  The CSA Recognition Seal provides the customer with  additional information to use when managing their personal food choices.  Please encourage companies to apply.

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