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  • National Doughnut Day   mini doughnut recipes - handout for electric doughnut maker. 
  • 2012 Q4 Lifeline Recipes - 2012-Our fourth Quarter edition of our publication, Lifeline. If you are a CSA member please click any of the links below to access the printable, digital copy of the recipe, in our CSA Recipe database.

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  4. Common Nutrient Deficiencies
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  6. CSA Grains and Flours Glossary - What can I eat?     Definitions   
  7. Oats -- Scoop on Oats      The safety of oats for those with celiac disease remains inconclusive and a matter of personal trial and error. The oat seed storage proteins are mainly composed of two classes: the globulins and avenins. Avenins, oat seed proteins are also classified as prolamins – with high amounts of proline and glutamine amino acids. The prolamins are associated with celiac disease. Despite all of the talk about oats in the celiac diet, neither the oat globulins nor the avenins have been completely identified. Analyzing oat seed proteins--one variety at a time  has been initiated by USDA.   The Spectrum of Major Seed Storage Genes and Proteins in Oats  by Olin D. Anderson, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Albany, California has begun the charting of the composition of oat proteins. This 2014 study is available to the public.  At this time, CSA prudient advises people with celiac disease to introduce oats, certified gluten-free oats, after the gut has healed (1-2 years), then introduce the oats in small amounts and then not to exceed 1/2 cup dry oats per day. Stop eating oats if symptoms arise. Wait, and try to reintroduce and track personal response. Less is known about oats in the diet of those with other gluten-related conditions.
  8. Nutrition - How to eat gluten-free 
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  13. Gluten Free Labeling  What do I really need to know?  Gluten-Free labeling page

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