Celiac Support Association

The Rewards of a CSA Membership

Join today and you will become a part of the largest member-based non-profit celiac organization in the United States.


  • New Member Packet which includes the CSA Restaurant Card, a complimentary copy of Lifeline, and the informational pamphlets CSA: A Success Story, Living a Full Life and Diet Management. 
  • As a member you will receive our quarterly newsletter, Lifeline. This newsletter contains gluten-free recipes, medical articles, contact information for gluten-free food manufactures, human interest stories, ads, manufacturer coupons and a variety of other items of interest to those with Celiac Disease & Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Provide your email to us and you will also get the latest news and discounts from CSA and its corporate sponsors.


  • Get information on local chapters in your area to continue supporting your changing needs. Join them and become part of "Celiacs Helping Celiacs!"
  • Utilize our expertise and email or call our office staff with questions.  We are here to help you love living gluten-free!


  • Look in Lifeline and CSA emails for money saving coupons and discounts for gluten-free products and services!

Membership Dues

The dues for membership are kept as low as possible. Beginning In 2012 the dues structure for family membership is as follows:

  • $35 - 1 Year Membership
  • $60 - 2 Year Membership
  • $85 - 3 Year Membership
  • $125 - 5 Year Membership 

For each of these categories, $5 per year may be deducted to receive Lifeline electronically rather than print versions.

Two new special categories have also been added:

  • Senior Citizen (age 65 or older) - $25 per year
  • Student (21 or younger) - $15 with an electronic version of Lifeline.

To JoinHands Support

  • Order ON-LINE
  • Download the Membership Order Form
  • Call toll-free 877-CSA-4-CSA
  • As a member, you will become part of the Celiac Support Association (CSA), a national organization of individuals and families who educate others and influence health providers, educators, policy makers. People who impact the lives of families living with celiac disease and related gluten conditions listen to CSA.  CSA serves through a network of chapters and resource units providing members with an exceptional resources for effective educational programs and outreach.

Your tax-deductible membership fee and any additional donations allow CSA to support:

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