Celiac Support Association


DNI Group, LLC

Joins Celiac Sprue Association® Recognition Seal Program

DNI Group, LLC, has recently completed the requirements to qualify for the Celiac Sprue Association’s Recognition Seal Program. The use of the CSA five crossed grain Seal on packaging and menu items means the manufacturer has agreed to adhere to CSA’s standards in representing their product to be gluten-free i.e. free of wheat, barley, rye and oats (WBRO), their derivatives and crosses in product, processing or packaging. DNI Group packaging will feature the CSA Recognition Seal to indicate the products are appropriate for a medically prescribed celiac diet.

DNI Group, a seafood sales and marketing firm specializing in Japanese foods, was founded in San Francisco in 1995 and later teamed up with Inabata America Corporation to form DNI Group, LLC in 2003. The combination of DNI Group’s sales and marketing strength and Inabata America Corporation’s global resources provide extensive international trading as well as financial support and stability. In 2003, DNI Group, LLC acquired the PASSPORT CUISINE® brand of Japanese inspired appetizers, featuring the traditional recipes of a variety of Gyoza, Shumai, and Spring Rolls. Since then, DNI Group, LLC has added both Shrimp and Soft Shell Crab as the core of their product line backed by the brand names CRANE BAY® and MANEKI®.

DNI Group, LLC has a company mission to guarantee high quality brands and excellent customer experience allowing its customers to focus on growing their own businesses. The company takes the responsibility to protect the environment and cultivate its natural resources in a sustainable manner, by pledging to introduce an eco-friendly line of sashimi grade products as well as continuing to become more educated on sustainability.


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