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2015 Beer Labeling Survey Results 

Celiac Support Association Beer Survey Results

May 2015

The Celiac Support Association (CSA) conducted a three-month survey asking members of the public who follow a gluten-free diet, by medical necessity or choice, about their experience with gluten-reduced beers. Gluten-reduced beers are those that are made with traditional ingredients like barley and wheat and then processed with an enzyme to break down the gluten into amino acids. Gluten-free beer, by contrast, is made from naturally gluten-free ingredients like sorghum or rice.


Gluten-reduced beer was a popular beverage among the survey respondents, liked by almost 90% of those who chose to try it. However, 43% of respondents who had tried a gluten-reduced beer reported a response to it. Many more expressed confusion or concern over how gluten-reduced beer is packaged, marketed and presented in a retail environment; problems included inadequate differentiation from gluten-free beer and being described by restaurant menus, shelf signs or store employees as gluten-free. Over 40% of respondents were unaware at the time of purchase that the beer contained wheat or barley ingredients. Finally, the responses bring to question whether the gluten-free labeling is misleading to those who rely upon that information to make health decisions.  READ MORE..

Click here to download the results of our 2015 beer labeling survey as a PDF file.

For the regulations regarding fermented and distilled beverages click here

1.) Why do you follow a gluten free diet?    
Response Count Percent
I have a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. 740 75.5%
I have another diagnosis that requires a gluten free diet. 125 12.8%
I follow a gluten free diet for health reasons. 108 11.0%
I don't follow a gluten free diet. 7 0.7%
Total 980  
2.) In general, is your habit to consume gluten-free products that contain:    
Response Count Percent
Zero gluten 404 41.2%
Less than 5 ppm 34 3.5%
Less than 10 ppm 26 2.7%
Less than 20 ppm 106 10.8%
As long as it says gluten free I am ok with it. 216 22.0%
As long as it is certified gluten free I am ok with it. 195 19.9%
Total 981  
3.) Have you tried a barley based beer processed to remove gluten?    
Response  Count Percent
Yes  645 65.70%
No 336 34.30%
Total 981  
4.) Which gluten reduced beers have you tried?    
Response Count Percent
Brunehaut 74 9.6%
Estralla Damm Daura 333 43.2%
Omission 569 73.9%
Prairie Path 62 8.1%
Other, please specify...  193 25.1%
Total 770  
5.) What have your experiences been with the gluten reduced beers you have consumed?    
Response Count Percent
Liked it and would consume it again. 369 37.92%
Liked it, but had a slight reaction to it. 107 11.00%
Liked it, but had a strong reaction to it. 102 10.48%
Did not like it. 69 7.09%
Did not like it and had a slight reaction to it. 31 3.19%
Did not like it and had a strong reaction to it. 39 4.01%
I have not tried one. 256 26.31%
Total  973  
6.) Were you aware that the beer contained wheat or barley at the time of purchase?    
Response Count Percent
Yes 471 56.60%
No 361 43.40%
Total  832  
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