Celiac Support Association

Corporate Sponsorship

Opportunities to be part of the CSA Corporate Sponsorship

Become a sponsor and help CSA further education, patient support/outreach, and research for the celiac community. Tax deductible contributions and in-kind donations are given recognition, thus increasing visibility in the celiac community while showing commitment to programs that benefit celiac's throughout the country.

Listed below are some opportunities for sponsorship. To discuss mutually beneficial ways in which CSA and your company/organization can work together, please contact CSA's toll free line 877-272-4272 or by e-mail at [email protected] Your valuable contribution will assist in the ongoing work of CSA.

Educational Programs

CSA Annual Conference/Dietitian Day


  • Speakers
  • Advertisements/Press Releases
  • Youth & Young Adult Programs
  • Attendee Scholarship
  • Information Technology
  • Product Donations
  • Print Materials
  • Events/Entertainments 

Corporate Sponsors for the CSA Annual Conference/Dietitian Day


Cel-Kids Network
  • Print Materials
  • Camp Celiac Scholarships
  • CSA Cel-Kids Chapter Activities
  • Material Development

Patient Support/Outreach

Print Material

  • New Patient Packets (Free)
  • Lifeline (Members Only)
  • Product Listing
  • Material Development
  • Physicians/Dietitian Packets (Free)
  • Pamphlets/Display Items


Celiac Awareness Month

  • Celiac Awareness Packets
  • CSA Chapter Activities
  • Advertisements/Press Releases


Research Programs

  • CSA Peer Review Research Program
  • Developing Cooperative Research Projects
  • Research Projects, Surveys


For more information on Corporate Sponsorship contact CSA

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