Celiac Support Association

Paula Raleigh Quote

"When my daughter was first diagnosed in 1993, it became my mission to learn as much as possible about the celiac lifestyle and to strive to help make her life as normal and convenient as possible. I became involved with my first celiac support group in 1995, and I attended the initial group meeting of 10 people. As our membership grew, I pioneered the effort to become affiliated with CSA as a chapter support group in January 2000. I believe that ‘Celiacs Helping Celiacs' is the best way for us to teach the lifestyle to newly diagnosed celiacs, and at the same time keep ourselves informed of the most up-to-date information and resources available. Sharing and volunteering are self-help, and adding our effort to the work of other celiacs makes everyone's lives a little better."

-Paula J. Raleigh, Region III Member-at-Large, Naple, ME

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