Celiac Support Association


As a national organization, CSA/USA, Inc. develops a substantial amount of individual and collective information about its members during the normal course of business.  Because much, if not all, of the information collected is private and/or personal, it is necessary for CSA/USA, Inc. to have a specific, written policy concerning the receipt, storage, handling and dissemination of such information both collectively and individually.

Therefore, it is the policy of CSA/USA, Inc. that:

  1. ALL information about a CSA member is considered private, privileged and highly confidential.

  2. CSA membership information is used solely for authorized CSA business.

  3. CSA membership information is not disclosed outside of CSA except by the executive director and then only with either the express written permission of the member or an authorized legal order.

  4. CSA membership mailing lists are not disclosed, sold or otherwise communicated outside of CSA to any individual(s) or organizations(s).

  5. Individual(s) and organization(s) outside of CSA may provide information to CSA which CSA, at their sole discretion, may mail to the membership but only with full disclosure of the source of the information.
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