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Gluten-free at UNL Organic Wheat Workshop

For immediate release June 12, 2012

Amid the fields of wheat Shelly Asplin, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Program Coordinator for Celiac Support Association (CSA),  shared the difficulty of producing a gluten-free wheat to attendees at the recent workshop for educators, nutritionists, health professionals, farmers and the general public on June 11, 2012 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Agriculture Research & Development Center near Mead, Nebraska-“Breeding and Growing Organic Wheat for Bread Quality and Health.”   The day long workshop featured a “Field to Table” tour, which focused on a tour to visit the UNL organic research fields to learn how wheat is bred, how wheat works in an organic farm rotation, cover crops used with wheat, and promising experimental lines for organic production.

Mary A. Schluckebier, CSA Executive Director, and Shelly Asplin CSA Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Program Coordinator presented the program, “Gluten Related Disorders-Challenges and Opportunities,” followed by a series of questions and answers about celiac disease,  a gluten-free lifestyle and the Celiac Support Association.  Their presentation included a definition of gluten, the current focus of research on a variety of topics related to wheat, the status of defining gluten-free, toxicity studies relating to celiac disease and toxic reactions to gluten exposure.

Other topics featured at the day-long workshop included UNL Antioxidant and Wheat Quality Test Results, Breeding for Specialty Markets, Inter-seeded Legumes in Wheat, Long-term Organic Plot Cover Crops and Rotations and a baker’s panel.

Lunch featured local artisan breads, followed by a panel of bakers who discussed available wheat products and the flour required for artisan bread. 

The Celiac Support Association is a nationally trusted source of information about the gluten-free products consumers rely on and enjoy every day.  In keeping with its founding principles, CSA amplifies members’ efforts for good health by encouraging quality nutrition, responsible business practices, scientific research, education, testing and outreach. Public health and food labeling policy solutions continue to develop through a genuine partnership with policymakers and other stakeholders.  Contact CSA toll free at (877) CSA-4-CSA, through www.csaceliacs.org or [email protected].



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