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Rating Scale:• Strong=Research is unlikely to change current viewpoint or recommendations.
Moderate • Includes anecdotal findings and small test groups. Additional research is likely to reveal more pertinent information
Low • Little or no research. Existing research may be inconclusive or flawed.

Will I lose weight by "going" gluten-free? Maybe  Rating: Low
Will I gain weight by "going" gluten-free?
Maybe  Rating: Low
       Weight gain and loss have more variables than the gluten-free foods themselves. Are you one who could eat anything and never gain weight -- before diagnosis? Now that food is being absorbed normally, weight gain is very likely unless you develop new food habits. Recomendation is to focus on consuming a moderate amount of a variety of  minimally processed foods suitable for a gluten-free diet.     
        Weight gain or loss will be highly influenced by your lifestyle. Gallup, Inc lifestyle data based upon 2.3 million interviews with American adults: Millennials, ages 20-36;GenX, 37-51; Boomers 52-70; Traditionalists 71-116. The Gallup data was calculated to determine Obesity level is least in the Millenials who also admit to eating the least healthly diet. Less obesity by 6% than when GenX were in that age group.
                   Millennials       GenX      Boomers  Traditionalists   
Obesity           20%               32%           33%
Smoking         23%               20%           13%
Alcohol           13%               12%           12% 
Last 7 days
  Fruits & veg  50%               57%           68%
  Ate healthy   53%               59%           70%              84%

 I accidently got into some gluten, what will happen? Rating: Moderate

        Accidents happen. It takes about 3 days for villi to regenerate. There are likely over 300 symptoms for celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders. Your particular set of symptoms are most likely to reappear. Those with DH are likely to have skin symptoms persist more than 3 days. 

I accidently got into some gluten, what can I do to counteract the symptoms? Rating: Low
          Promising products are in clinical trials. At this time no over the counter drug is consider effective for those with celiac disease. Anecdotally, some have found that reducing inflammation can reduce symptoms. Such as taking a powdered aspirin as soon as possible after accident, followed by a 1/2 cup of a soluble fiber food preferably a low inflammation food, such as applesauce, strained prunes, etc.  Discuss with your physician.

I don't have symptoms when I get into gluten, so how do I choose foods? Rating Strong; Research limited
    Remain on a strict gluten elimination lifestyle to remain in remission. Look for non-digestive symptoms such as a glaze over the eyes, "foggy brain" , temperament changes. 

Can medications cause flattened villi in a person with celiac disease?  Some medicines such as Olmesartan have led to persistent damaged villi. Rating - Strong, research based. 
        Marild K, Lebwohl B, Green PH, Murray JA, Ludvigsson JF. Blockers of Angiotensin Other Than Olmesartan in Patients With Villous Atrophy: A Nationwide Case-Control StudyMayo Clinic proceedings. 2015;90(6):730–7. Epub 2015/06/06. doi: 10.1016/j.mayocp.2015.04.002 ; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4469984. [PMC free article] [PubMed]

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