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Celiac Awareness Program

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CSA Celiac Awareness Program

Nation Institute of Health (NIH) Publications:
  • NIH Celiac Disease Consensus Development Statement
  • NIH-NDDIC  “Celiac Disease” – 08-4269
  • NIH-NDDIC Celiac Disease-“What You Need to Know”
  • NIH Provider Points
                            Dermatitis Herpetiformis information sheet--09-6432
                            Testing for Celiac Disease information sheet—09-7351


Celiac Support Association:
  • CSA Fact Sheet
  • CSA Pharmaceutical Label Fact Sheet
  • CSA Three Step Diet
  • CSA Membership Application 

CSA Chapters and Resource Units-local contacts

Mary A. Schluckebier
Executive Director
[email protected]

August 2015

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