Celiac Support Association

CSA Mid-Michigan Chapter #59

Welcome to CSA Mid - Michigan Chapter.      

Serving the Mid - Michigan area.


Contact Information:

Margaret Clegg, Flint
810-252-1049, midmiglutenfree@gmail.com

Linda Niedecken, Clio                                                                                                                                                                       810-687-0076, rlniedecken@aol.com

Pat Adams,  Owosso
989-743-3990, pawadams4401@aol.com

Meeting Place Information:
We regularly meet at W. Vienna United Methodist Church,
located at 5485 Wilson Rd., Clio MI 48820

Membership- For those who may be new to our group, the fiscal calendar year for this support group runs from January to December. For first time members, we ask a dues rate of $15 per year per household. Returning members are asked to pay $10 a year per household. Your dues and funds collected go towards paying for our meeting place, for speakers, for consumables, and printings & mailings. These funds are also used to pay for food & supplies used for our annual picnic and our pizza party.

Local Restaurant Suggestions - Find Me Gluten Free

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Calendar of upcoming events


November 15th - General Meeting, 2-4 pm                                                                                                                           Dr. Salimi, guest speaker

December - Cookie Exchange (tentative Dec. 5th)


January - Pizza Party?

February - Meet up and Eat Up?

March - General Meeting, 2-4 pm

April - Meet Up and Eat up?

May - General Meeting, 2-4 pm                                                                                                                                    Celiac Disease Awareness Month

June- ?

July - ?

August - ?


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