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CSA Houston Celiac Support Chapter #25

The Houston Celiac Support Group has been organized to benefit all who have celiac disease, the parents of celiac children and those with dermatitis herpetiformis; as well as those with gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, wheat sensitivity, or wheat allergy -- all who need to follow a gluten-free diet for their best health.  The primary goal of the group is to make those who need to eat gluten-free aware of the medical necessity of adhering strictly to the gluten-free diet and encouraging, educating and supporting them to accept it as a permanent lifestyle.  We understand that, especially the first year, dealing with a gluten-free diet can be overwhelming and confusing. We strive to ultimately make the lives of our members healthier and more enjoyable after learning practical strategies and having positive experiences.

We will share many resources that will give you the information to change your lifestyle and cope well on a gluten-free diet.  We believe our material will help you shop, cook, go out to eat, and travel as safely as possible.  As you learn more, experiment with cooking, and add more products and menus into your lifestyle, you will ultimately not feel as deprived as you might feel now.  It is all a worthwhile journey.

             (1) Houston chapter Newsletter (Houston Celiac Perspective) and chapter website at www.houstonceliacs.org

             (2) Gluten-Free Diet Review session in the summer

             (3) Meeting presentations and learning tips via our casual conversations

             (4) Gluten-free magazines and in particular, the gluten blend guidance for baking substitutions

             (5) Houston chapter Restaurant Investigations compilation -- over 100 pages

             (6) Association with parent organization, Celiac Support Association – www.csaceliacs.org

             (7) Gluten-Free Dining Club for members

 Contact Information

Janet Y. Rinehart, Chairman, former president of CSA/USA:
281-679-7608, txjanet@swbell.net 

Rain Culx, Co-Chairman:
713-666-6823 silverraina@aol.com


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