Celiac Support Association

CSA Denver Metro Area Chapter #17

This is the official web site of the Denver Chapter Celiac Support Group, CSA Chapter  #17.  We are an educational, service and support organization for individuals living with celiac sprue or dermatitis herpetiformis and their families and friends. For more information click on the link below.

Website:  Denver Celiacs

Contact Information:

Gina Meagher, President
303-279-9382, president@denverceliacs.org

Dave Barber, VP Membership
415-254-2615, vpmembership@denverceliacs.org

Bonnie Atherton, Secretary
720-427-8971, secretary@denverseliacs.org

Maria Brotherston, Cel-Kids
303-915-9756, celkids@denvercelics.org

Katie Uhlendrock, Gluten Free Gallop and Food Fair Coordinator
303-819-5531, glutenfreegallop@denvercelics.org, gffoodfair@denverceliacs.org



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