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CSA Des Moines Area Chapter #114

The Central Iowa Celiac Connection is a very large and active community of gluten-free members.  We have gluten-free pot lucks every few months and offer lots of different samples and door prizes at our gatherings.  We are supported by donations only and require no membership fee.  Our steering committee is made up of some wonderful and dedicated volunteers.  We have arranged for Dr. Alessio Fasano to visit Des Moines on November 15th 2014 to do a presentation on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, as well as an update on the latest research and possible treatments for CD.  He will also do a book signing for his new book, Gluten Freedom, which came out in March of 2014.  Our website is www.celiacsconnect.com, and contains many of my past newsletters and hundreds of recipes.  There is also a large listing of restaurants in the metro Des Moines area that can accommodate a gluten free diet.  

Contact Information:

Barb Huyette, Des Moines
515-224-4145, huyette@dwx.com

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