Celiac Support Association

For Immediate Release March 19th, 2013

Celiac Support Association in Consumer Reports

In the April 2013 issue of Shop Smart magazine published by Consumer Reports, the Celiac Support Association  was billed as the celiac organization with the strictest standards for “gluten-free” product labeling.

The Food News section of the monthly publication featured an article entitled “The Truth About Gluten-free Foods”, which noted that the Food and Drug Association has yet to define and set official standards.  With proposed rules expected to go into effect later this year limiting gluten to below 20 parts per million, the article stated that the proposed level may be too high for people with celiac disease.

The Shop Smart article mentioned three organizations offering labeling seals for gluten-free products with stricter standards.  The Celiac Support Association’s Recognition Seal program and trademarked logo was set apart from the other two and noted to have the strictest gluten-free standards.  The Celiac Support Association’s standard of no more than 5 parts per million continues to provide celiac with the best assurance that products with the CSA seal are gluten-free.

Below is an excerpt from Consumer Reports.

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