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For Immediate Release October 21st, 2011

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Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diet Educational Videos

Have you or someone you know been recently diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten induced sensitivity? Do you need more information straight from a professional on the gluten-free diet?

The Celiac Support Association and Harris Whole Health are bringing the tools to assist anyone interested in learning more about celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. These educational videos were built to help those looking for information they can trust from professionals who know how to explain the basics and beyond. Embark on a journey of knowledge by viewing the videos here.

The videos were produced by Harris Whole Health featuring Dr. John Snyder, Chief of the Department of Gastroenterology at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C., Dr. Gary Kaplan, Medical Director of Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine and Cheryl Harris, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. 

A grant from the Celiac Support Association (CSA) helped to make this educational tool a reality. CSA would like to thank the Lodico family and Celiac Sprue Support Group #23 for raising the money needed to fund this educational grant.

If support group members would like a DVD copy of the Celiac Disease and Gluten-free Diet Videos, please contact CSA.


Celiac Support Association (CSA) represents the voices of more than 9,000 gluten-free consumers, consumer product companies and health professionals in the United States and around the globe.  CSA, a non-profit organization  with a focus on what is best for the health and wellness of those with celiac disease and gluten-induced sensitivities, has enhanced the quality of life for millions of people living free of gluten. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and founded in 1978, CSA advocates on behalf of a diverse membership.

CSA is a trusted source of information about the gluten-free products consumers rely on and enjoy every day.  In keeping with its founding principles, CSA amplifies members’ efforts for good health by encouraging quality nutrition, responsible business practices, scientific research, education, testing and outreach. Public health and food labeling policy solutions continue to develop through a genuine partnership with policymakers and other stakeholders.  Contact us through www.csaceliacs.org or [email protected].






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