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Betty Crocker® Welcomes Gluten-free Households
Back To The Sweet Moments They’ve Been Missing

The No. 1 Selling Dessert Mix Brand Gives Gluten-free Households More
Options to Bake With New Gluten-free Dessert Mixes



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MINNEAPOLIS (June, 2009) â Betty Crocker welcomes gluten-free seekers back to the
baking aisles of grocery stores nationwide this summer with four new dessert
offerings: Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix, Betty Crocker® Gluten Free
Devil’s Food Cake Mix, Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Brownie Mix and Betty Crocker®
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix  all made in a gluten-free processing

Growing Demand for Gluten Free

“One in nine U.S. households watches, reduces or avoids gluten intake,” said Michelle
Tucker, M.S., registered dietitian and senior scientist of the Bell Institute of Health
and Nutrition. “When you combine the number of households with those affected by
celiac disease and others that choose to follow a low gluten or gluten-free diet, it
equals the percentage of households that limits dairy intake and is three times the
percentage of households that avoid nuts.”

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can lead to damage of the small
intestine and can affect the absorption of nutrients from food. People with celiac
disease cannot tolerate even a small amount of gluten, a protein in wheat, rye and
barley, among other grains. This disease requires a diet void of traditional wheatflour-
based mixes and baked goods prepared using common traditional baking
ingredients for the rest of one’s life. It’s estimated that celiac disease affects about
one in 133 people, with the rate of diagnosis nearly doubling in 2006.

Benefits of Gluten-free Mixes From Betty Crocker
Until now, baking for a loved one who has celiac disease meant preparing two kinds of
birthday cakes or sweet treats for one celebration a gluten-free option and a
“regular” cake, pan of brownies or plate of cookies. Additionally, gluten-free mixes were
often difficult to find and required a separate trip to a specialty grocery store. With the
easy-to-prepare Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Dessert Mixes, gluten-free consumers will
once again be able to enjoy sweet moments with loved ones, like splitting a plate of
cookies after dinner or sharing a birthday cake to celebrate someone special. And, gluten 
free does not mean taste free these new mixes create a sweet treat that’s enjoyable for
everyone, even those who do not follow a gluten-free diet.

“We’re delighted to welcome back those following a gluten-free diet to the dessert
aisle with our new Betty Crocker Gluten Free line,” said Ann Stuart, director of the
Betty Crocker Kitchens. “The quality product, incredible taste and easy preparation of
these mixes come from a brand they can easily find and fully trust for delicious

The new line of Betty Crocker Gluten Free Dessert Mixes is available for an
approximate retail price of $4.49, which is less than most comparable options. For
more information and recipe ideas using Betty Crocker Gluten Free Dessert Mixes, visit

About Betty Crocker

Since her creation in 1921, Betty Crocker has been one of the strongest brand icons in
the food industry. A brand associated with quality and trust, Betty Crocker and the red
spoon symbol appear on more than 300 General Mills products including ready-tospread
frostings and mixes that make some of the country’s best cakes, brownies,
cookies, muffins and other baked goods.

As a pioneer in the dessert mix category, General Mills was one of the first companies
to introduce layer cake mix in 1947; it did so under the Betty Crocker name. This
started a revolution in baking, providing homemakers with a convenient, reliable way
to replicate the quality and taste of “homemade” without the hassle. Today, Betty
Crocker products are the best-selling dessert mixes on the market.

For more product or recipe information, please visit the Betty Crocker Web site at

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Division, October 2008.

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