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Development of Therapies for Celiac Disease  March 20-21, 2014

Host Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, New York
A scientific program designed for those interested in the development of non-dietary therapies for celiac disease
Presentation Summaries in RED

What is the status of the therapies? Part 1 Joseph A. Murray, MD Mayo Clinic, USA (Moderator)
Drug development in celiac disease: FDA perspective Jessica Lee - United States Food & Drug Administration, USA
Measuring outcomes in celiac disease Daniel Leffler - USA
  • Reviewed FDA Process for drug approval and Dan Lefler-USA noted how to apply the information  for celiac disease non-dietary therapeutics.  Defining  and measuring PRO, patient related outcomes, that are specific to the chronic disease of celiac disease.  
Glutenase therapy for celiac disease Daniel C. Adelman, MDAlvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA
  • Alvine uses glutenase ALV003  to digest gliadins in the to keep peptides from entering small bowel in the immunogenic form. Recruiting for clinical trial participants.  Designed to accompany the gluten-free diet .
Larazotide : an update Joseph Murray - USA
  • A teaser of Alba’s progress towards pharmaceutical therapy, larazatide acetate targeting the permeability of the small intestine in those with celiac disease. Designed to accompany the gluten-free diet . The results will be revealed during Digestive Disease Week (DDW) in Chicago in May in Murray’s  presentation. DDW Program
Is a vaccine feasible for celiac disease? Robert P. Anderson, BMedSc, MBChB, PhDImmusanT, Inc., USA
  • Dr. Anderson developed a vaccine using just 3 peptides, which is thought to desensitize a person to a larger quantity of peptides. Designed to eliminate the need for a gluten-free diet and use a normal diet.
BL-7010 A therapy for celiac disease Yotam Nisemblat - Israel
  •  BL-7010  is a polymer that acts to bind to gliadin and block or not allow a toxic reaction begin. 
Montelukast in celiac disease Sonia Kupfer - USA
  • Surprising use of this asthma drug, Sinulair, for celiac disease. ClysLTR1
 Development of tissue transglutaminase inhibitors Thomas DiRaimondo - USA
  • Preliminary and promising research.from the Khosla lab on TtG inhibitors to block disease response.
What is the status of the therapies? Part 2 Katri Kaukinen, MD - Finland (Moderator)
Probiotics, do they have any role of celiac disease management?  Julio Bai - Argentina
  • The role of probiotics in celiac disease is not yet defined.
Elafin, what is its role in celiac disease  Elena Verdu - Canada
  • Elafin is a perdiase inhibitor that might counteract the permeable gut and has promising therapeutic potential
Glutenase therapy (DSM)  Chris Mulder - The Netherlands
  • Skeptical on potential of such therapy and debunked the effectiveness of all over the counter and internet products.
Gluten detection in the food chain  Jennifer Sealey-Voyksner - USA
  • As a chemist with celiac disease is turning her  research into a company utilizing mass spectrometry for both qualitative and quantifying gluten content in ingredients and foods.
The development of a gluten-degrading enzyme  Ingrid Swanson Pultz - USA
  • Developed a new gluten specific synthetic degrading enzyme, kumamolisin, as KumaMax. It breaks down 33mer to non-reactive segments. Additional breakdown when pepsin is added. Ongoing work in the lab.

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