Celiac Support Association

Development of Therapies for Celiac Disease  March 20-21, 2014 

Host Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, New York
A scientific program designed for those interested in the development of non-dietary therapies for celiac disease
Presentation Summaries in RED

Epidemiological factors Benjamin Lebwohl - USA (Moderator)

Unfolding story of celiac disease risk factors Benjamin Lebwohl - USA 
  • Differing risk factors indicating the genes and environment are necessary but not sufficient to development of celiac disease and that other factors lead to multi-pathways to developing celiac disease.

PreventCD update Maria Luisa Mearin - The Netherlands
Results of a prospective study on infant nutrition and risk of celiac disease Carlo Catassi - Italy
  • Updates on the preliminary data from the  Prevent CD study and  the Italian baby study.  Both studies  are examining the time table for breastfeeding and gluten introduction into the diet in celiac disease. Both are trying to identify the practices that can play the best role in celiac disease prevention.

Pregnancy and child outcomes in celiac disease Jonas Ludvigsson - Sweden
  • Studies indicate that diagnosing a mother with celiac disease, during pregnancy, does not impact that pregnancy. The fertility data is neutral on diagnosed and undiagnosed celiac disease.

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